Hope is what keeps you going by pulling your dreams within reach. Many people are close to giving up hope and never achieving their health, wellness, and financial goals. But what if you could lose weight, get stronger, and start a career that you love?

My dream is to fulfill your dreams by inspiring you to improve your health through better nutrition and enhance your finances by starting a home-based business, allowing for fun challenges and residual income.

How would you like to change your life while assisting those around you? If you are serious and ready to commit, I will use my expertise as a professional health and wellness coach, along with my experience as a personal trainer, to help you reach for your goals. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

Every journey begins with a single step. Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to change your life forever?

I am here for you! Together, we will!

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Tips to staying healthy.

Realizing Your Life’s Purpose and Potential


Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and the possibilities are endless. They have no limits and they dream big, aspiring to be something that they perceive will make them happy. They don’t stop to consider the path to their goal, they just know where they want to end up. Unfortunately many people lose this childlike wonder as they grow up and end up in a job that makes them miserable. They know that something needs to change but are unsure of where to start or are scared to take the risk.

What’s your vision?

How did you envision your life, career, and family as you were growing up? How does that compare to where you are now? Many people have strayed from their initial plans and that is fine as they have explored other interests. But are you doing what makes you happy? At some point perhaps your life took a turn and you realized that what you thought you wanted to do isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In the back of your mind, have you always had that nagging thought that if you had more time, money, training, whatever it may be, that you would pursue a different career? If there was nothing holding you back, what would you choose to do with your life now?

What’s stopping you?

There are a million and one excuses not to change and this is why so many people remain exactly where they are. They think it’s easier that way. Is fear holding you back? Are you scared of failing, not being good enough, not knowing what you’re doing, or of what other people think? Have you let others fill your mind with self-limiting thoughts?

Oftentimes you are your own worst enemy and critic. It’s time to move past those negative thoughts and realize the power and potential that you hold. With the right guidance and strategies, you can overcome these challenges and take steps to create the life you always imagined.

Don’t settle

Stop for a moment and really think about where you are in life right now and where you want to be. Don’t settle for just being content. Strive to create a life you can fall in love with. One that energizes you to get up every morning and appreciate the opportunities each day presents. Think about what it is that would bring joy and happiness if there were nothing standing in your way. Make the decision that it is time for change.

As your coach, I can help you to realize your life’s purpose and goals. Together we can work through the challenges of your past and the limiting thought processes that are keeping you from getting to where you want to be. Or maybe you don’t know where you want to be, except that it isn’t where you are. I’ll ask you the tough and thought-provoking questions you need to stimulate change and then guide your way through this journey.

Find the confidence you need to move forward and get out of the rut that you are in. You deserve happiness, so why not let yourself find it? I can assist you in identifying and working through the challenges that are holding you back, whether they are personal, professional, financial, social, or health-related. What are you waiting for? Contact me today at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com to find out more about how you can benefit from coaching and turn your life around.

6 Areas to Master to Live a Healthier, Happier, More Abundant Life

be-healthy-be-happy-be-you-tiful-hot-pink-white-kids-t-shirt_designAre you wholly satisfied with your life, or do you feel that there is room for improvement? Are you struggling to get out of a rut and find more purpose and fulfillment? Living a healthier, happier, more abundant life depends a lot on the choices you make each day and creating a well-balanced lifestyle. Many different components all work together and if one piece is missing, it can throw everything off. Here are six areas to focus on in your own life:

  1. Prayer/Meditation

Life can be hectic and stressful. Stepping back and finding inner peace can help you to take things in stride. Prayer and meditation can allow you to gain clarity and alleviate stress so that the day’s events are not weighing you down. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference in how you feel and how you approach the world around you.

  1. Healthy Diet

Phase out the unhealthy, processed foods you are putting in your body and start incorporating more vegetables and lean protein. Eat four to five organic meals each day that provide your body with the natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs. Stay hydrated by aiming to drink a gallon of water each day. Not only does it support cell function, it flushes out toxins. Consider high pH water for added benefit.

  1. Daily Exercise

We all know that moderate exercise is important for overall health and wellbeing. Make sure you are getting a combination of cardio and strength training. Yoga can be a great way to stretch your muscles, tone your core, and clear your mind. Mixing things up keeps it interesting and works your whole body. Exercise can boost your mood as well as support your immune system.

  1. Adequate Sleep

Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night and try to stick to a consistent schedule. Your body needs this time to repair itself and rest up for the next day. Not getting enough sleep can zap you of energy, suppress your immune system, take a toll on your mood, interfere with clear thinking, and contribute to weight gain.

  1. Positive Perspective

Choose to see the good in everyone. Look for the silver lining or bright side to each situation. Holding grudges and focusing on the negatives does nothing to improve your happiness or wellbeing. You’ll find that your relationships are more meaningful and beneficial when they are built on positive attributes. Negativity can have a detrimental impact on both your personal and professional life.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Find something to be grateful for every day. Go on gratitude walks or start a journal where you document things you are thankful for. Turning around your perspective to see the good and not take things for granted can make you more appreciative of life’s opportunities. When things seem to be going wrong, stop and reflect on the good things.

Mastering these six areas can benefit you not only in your personal life but also in your career. Making sure that you’re in good shape physically and mentally can go a long way. There may not be a perfect work-life balance, but you can find what works for you and helps you to live a life you love. As a coach, I can help you to improve upon each of these areas and more. You don’t have to stress about trying to change on your own. Let me guide you through the process and create strategies that fit your needs. To get started with your personalized coaching today, call me at (704) 819-3054 or email rachel@wellnessridge.com.

How a Business and Wellness Coach Can Benefit your Life


When people think of coaching, they often think of sports. But coaches can exist in many different forms. The goal of a coach is to help you improve – whether it is on the athletic field, in the gym, at the office, or in your personal life. As a business and wellness coach, I help people to leverage their natural strengths, abilities, and interests to drive their life forward in a positive direction.

Do you feel as though you are stuck in your personal or professional life? Are you not seeing the results that you know you are capable of achieving? You may be working your hardest but not bringing in the income you know you could. Or you’re slaving away at the gym and trying to eat right but still not losing those last few pounds. Coaching can help you to get back on track and realize changes that you can make to get results.

  • Finding Purpose

Over time it is easy to lose focus of what really matters in your life. You go through your day-to-day routines on autopilot. But when you stop to reflect, you realize you’re not fully satisfied with where you are in life. I will work with you to rediscover your life’s purpose and what makes you happy. Find your passion and truly enjoy what you do and where you are headed. Whether this means starting your own business, improving your skills to perform better in your current job, or working toward a career change, I can offer honest insight, direction, and advice.

  • Finding Clarity

The reason for your unhappiness or lack of productivity can stem from many things. Together we will explore the underlying causes of what is holding you back. Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Lacking confidence or motivation? As your coach, I will spend time listening and asking questions to support you in discovering what challenges you are facing. Then we will create a plan that meets your needs and helps you to overcome these obstacles.

  • Finding Balance

Your mind, body, and spirit should be working together. If something is out of whack, it can affect how you function. Through wellness coaching you can make sure that you are treating your body well and staying healthy. This can in turn improve your mental outlook, reduce stress, and increase energy. When you feel better you tend to have a more positive attitude and can focus on being more productive in your personal and professional life. Achieve greater balance and unlock your potential.

Others have already experienced for themselves the benefits of getting coaching to turn their life around. Here is just one example of the difference it can make:

I would like to say a few words about Rachel Gilmore. I contacted her for assistance with emotional and physical issues in my life. Rachel listened patiently every time I had concerns or questions. She then made suggestions and advised me in a way that was very knowledgeable, made sense, and at the same time, she made sure to tailor a plan for me of products and services to the exact needs I presented with. I felt very much heard by Rachel and I felt secure in the advice and suggestions she gave me. She gave me full explanations as to her recommendations for me as well as personal examples of her life and journey in order to build trust and comfort. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone that needs advice in the health and wellness/coaching field. — Maribel

If you are feeling stuck and are ready for a change, let me guide you through your journey. As a business and wellness coach, I will work with you to improve many aspects of your life so that you can find happiness and purpose once again. Take back control of your health and career by contacting me at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com. Coaching can be a great way to get back on track and follow your dreams.

Love Yourself so you can Love your Life

26629-Be-In-Love-With-Your-LifeOne of the best things you can do in life is learn to love yourself unconditionally. In turn, this will help you learn to love others as well. Many people spend a great deal of time worrying about what others think of them, when what matters is what they think of themselves. No one is perfect and we all have things we wish we could change, but in the end, you are you. Loving yourself and others is an ongoing process and one that we are constantly learning from.

Get to know yourself: Spend time alone and figure out who you are, what you value, and what you want in your life. Explore things that interest you and see what makes you happy. Evaluate your life to determine what is and isn’t working. Sometimes unhealthy relationships, thoughts, or routines can keep you from seeing the best in yourself. Recognize that you are worthy of being loved.

Do what makes you happy: Put aside some time to do what makes you happy. Maybe it’s going for a run along your favorite trail, curling up with a book, painting, or volunteering in the community. Even if others don’t share your passion, do it because it’s something that you enjoy. You can make new friends who have similar interests and expand your connections.

Learn to forgive: This includes not only others, but also yourself. We all make mistakes, but dwelling on them can quickly bring you down and be a negative influence in your life. Allow yourself to come to terms and move on so that you can continue to grow and evolve. It can be difficult to make peace with things, but it is necessary for loving yourself and others unconditionally.

Treat yourself well: Surround yourself with people who bring you joy and are supportive. Build your energy from positive relationships. Exercise or meditate because it makes you feel happier and healthier, not because you feel you have to in order to please others. If there is something that you’re not happy with, take steps to change it because it’s something that you want for yourself.

Love others: Put your thoughts into action. Follow the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated. As you show them love, acceptance, and forgiveness, you are also bringing the same into your own life. Become a positive role model and show others how beneficial loving yourself and others can be. It is impossible to please everyone all the time, but at least you can be content in knowing that you are doing what you feel is right.

Have patience. Loving yourself and others does not happen overnight; it is a journey. If you’re ready to make changes in your life and focus on your health, happiness, and wellbeing, I am here to support you along the way. I can help you to boost your wellbeing through Isagenix® combined with individual coaching to keep you on track. Feel better about yourself and focus on making a brighter future. Contact me at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com for more information or to get started.

Letting go of Jealousy and Finding Happiness

jealousy1Jealousy is a very normal feeling to have. A little bit of jealousy can act as a motivator and keep you pushing forward, while too much can actually hold you back and become an interruption in your life. We all look at others and wonder “why not me?” sometimes. So, why not you? Let go of your jealousy and learn to live a life you love and that makes you happy.

  • Resist the Urge to Compare Yourself

If you look hard enough, there will always be someone who is wealthier, more successful, healthier, smarter, more creative, or whatever other descriptors you can think of, than you. Stop putting yourself down by trying to measure up to these people. Everyone is at a different place in their life and has gone through different experiences that have made them who they are. When you start to feel jealous of someone else, take a step back and refocus. Think about all of your strengths, abilities, and achievements. Look at how far you have come in your life and where you want to be in the future.

  • Focus on your own Happiness

Stop for a moment to consider what it is that is making you feel jealous. Will having what another person has really make you happy? Look to your own life to decide what changes you need to make in order to improve your own happiness. Are you jealous of their promotion at work because you’re not content with your own career? Are you envious of how great someone looks in a certain outfit because you are struggling to lose a few more pounds? Focus on realistic changes that you can make that will give you renewed energy and motivation. Just because someone else appears happy, you have no idea what they are going through on the inside. Make your own happiness a priority.

  • Set Goals and Take Action

If you don’t like where your life is headed, do something to change it. Start exploring new job opportunities or take the leap and start your own business. Get involved in an exercise program and use a system like Isagenix® to help you release fat and improve your health. Set realistic goals for yourself so that you achieve what you want out of life. Stop talking and start doing. Don’t worry about what other people have or are doing – concentrate on what matters most in your life and where you’re headed. Stay positive!

Don’t let jealousy get the best of you – use it to become a better version of yourself. Be proud of who you are and realize that there are people out there who are jealous of you. Rather than letting jealousy make you feel angry, frustrated, depressed, or insecure, push these feelings aside and focus on your own strengths. We all have room to improve as well as areas where we excel. If you’re ready to make a career move and become your own boss, or are looking for the motivation to enhance your health, contact me today at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com. I can help you to live more abundantly and find more happiness in your life by embracing change.

4 Tips for Releasing Fear So you Can Keep Pushing Forward

FEARFear. It is one thing that holds us all back and can make us question ourselves. How often have you wanted to do something but worried about what others would think, what would happen, or if you would succeed? So often this can keep us from trying and reaching our full potential and happiness. By releasing your fears you can focus on making the most of every opportunity and following your dreams and ambitions.

  1. Start small.

You don’t have to reach your goal all at once. Taking smaller steps can make things seem less overwhelming and frightening. For instance, if you want to lose a few pounds, rather than cutting out all of your favorite foods and exercising excessively every day, start with smaller changes. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables and cut back on processed foods. Replace one meal a day with an IsaLean Shake. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Slowly you can work your way up to larger changes and will see positive results toward your goal.

Take a closer look at the things you fear and try to break them down into more manageable parts. Look for simple changes you can make and then move to more challenging ones. As you build your confidence, you can achieve greater things.

  1. Refocus yourself.

When you feel your fear rising, take a step back. Do some deep breathing exercises or meditation to help clear your mind. Once you have calmed yourself a bit and released some tension, try again. Allowing yourself to refocus can help you to see things from a new perspective. Think through the situation realistically. Often our minds jump to the worst case scenario, so taking a few minutes to collect yourself can let you see how you were overreacting.

  1. Forget perfect and just try.

Part of fear can be striving for perfection. You want everything to be just right, and if it’s not, you may think that you haven’t done your best or haven’t succeeded. Rather than holding yourself to these unrealistic standards, consider how far you have come just by trying. You will never know how far you can go if you don’t start somewhere. Maybe your latest business pitch doesn’t seal the deal, but it gives you something to build on. Learn from your mistakes and let them help you improve. Just because you didn’t land that account doesn’t mean you won’t get the next one.

  1. Talk it out.

Discussing your fears with a friend or loved one can help put them into perspective. Not only can you try to make more sense of what you are thinking and feeling, you can gather feedback and insight as well. Your friend may shed light on things in a way that you hadn’t considered before. They can also act as a support system to give you motivation and confidence. More often than not they want to see you succeed too.

So whether you’re looking to take the plunge and become your own boss, improve your health and wellbeing, or join a club you’ve been eyeing up, cast your fears aside and decide to take a chance. You will amaze yourself at what you can accomplish when you stop letting your fears control you. Let me help you conquer your fears of becoming an entrepreneur or turning your health around with Isagenix®. Call me at (704) 819-3054 or email rachel@wellnessridge.com to learn more.

Do you have the Willingness to Make Changes in your Life?

willingness_is_an_actionOur lives are full of wants. People want to lose weight, find a new job, go back to school, join a club, try a new hobby, and countless other things. The list goes on and on. Some of these “wants” may be life-altering, while some may be more minor. But as much as you want to do these things, how often do you really take the steps necessary to make them happen?

In order to change, you must have a willingness to make it happen and take chances. Willingness is a powerful emotion and motivator. Decide that you are not content to sit back and wait any longer. Explore how changing your views and stepping outside of your comfort zone can make a positive difference in your life.

Open Your Eyes

Being willing to see things differently and think differently can impact how you go about your day-to-day. Step back and look at something from another perspective. What you thought was a negative could actually turn out to be a positive. Having a narrow-minded view of the world keeps you from enjoying so much of what it has to offer. Before you jump to conclusions, evaluate the whole situation. Be willing to consider things from someone else’s point of view and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Be Yourself

How often do you adjust your thoughts, actions, and behaviors to please others? When was the last time you were true to yourself? We all need to have a willingness to be vulnerable and be ourselves with no apologies. It is your life, so find out what makes you happy. You are who you are and you should be comfortable in that. You can’t always please everyone and will drive yourself crazy trying. Make decisions and build friendships based on what you truly value and appreciate. Weed out unhealthy relationships that bring stress and unhappiness to your life.

Stop Talking and Start Acting

Rather than talking about what you want to do, take the steps to make it a reality. Be willing to keep an open mind and try new things. If you want to improve your health, start incorporating diet and exercise changes. Invest in a program like Isagenix® to support your efforts through natural products and help you stay on track. If you want to change jobs, actively update your resume and apply for new positions. Take a chance and pursue your desire to become an entrepreneur knowing that there is risk involved but pushing forward anyway. Connect with people who can mentor you along the way.

Keep an Open Mind

When you are willing to love all people in all situations and see the good in everyone, it can change your whole outlook on life. Release stress and tension by choosing to be positive. Give it a try and see how it affects your health and happiness. Think about how you feel when you’re surrounded by people who are smiling, laughing, and self confident, as opposed to those who are grumpy, miserable, and discontent. Be willing to keep an open mind and make choices that take you out of your comfort zone and force you to see things in a new way.

Life is unpredictable so learn to take it in stride and be willing to make changes. If you are serious about wanting to improve your health or become your own boss, I have an amazing opportunity that can support you in one or both areas. Contact me at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com to find out more and take a step in the right direction.

Surrounding Yourself with People who Drive your Success and Happiness

picture-quotes-happinessThe company you keep can make or break your day. Think about how it makes you feel to be surrounded with like-minded individuals with whom you share common interests, goals, and perspectives. Then consider how it makes you feel to be surrounded by people who you can’t see eye-to-eye with and who bring you down. Negative people can be very draining and leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated.

In both your personal and professional life, there can be advantages to re-evaluating your relationships. Every potential client may not be a great fit for your business, or someone you used to hang out with may no longer have as much in common. Once you start surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, you will notice a difference in your health, happiness, and success. But how do you know who these people are or where to find them?

  1. Have a clear vision

Before you get to know other people, get to know yourself. Stop defining yourself by what everyone else thinks you are or should be. Determine what makes you happy and what kind of life you want to be leading. If you’re unhappy in your job, it may be time for a change. What is it that you like the most and least? What do you envision as the ideal situation? How can you get yourself there? If you’re unhappy in your relationship, try to figure out why. What changes can you put in place to turn things around?

It is helpful to have a clear idea of where you are headed so you can surround yourself with people who will help you to get there, not hold you back.

  1. Recognize that not every relationship is healthy

Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t let others push you into doing things that you’re not comfortable with. If a partnership or client doesn’t seem right for your business, listen to your gut; it may not be. You can’t please everyone all the time, and trying to do so can be detrimental to your business and personal success. Associate yourself with people who are attracted to you for who you are and what you have to offer.

  1. Keep an open mind

Great opportunities can come in unexpected ways. Follow your vision and put yourself out there. Start connecting with others who are on a similar path. Look for those relationships that motivate and inspire you. Be clear in what you want and avoid making too many sacrifices in order to please. But at the same time, allow yourself to be flexible and give others a chance. Evaluate how the relationship fits within the bigger picture.

Change takes time. As you begin reshuffling your priorities, setting new goals, meeting diverse people, and working toward improving your happiness and success, you will notice the positive impact it has on your life. If you are ready to break out of your rut and stretch your wings as an entrepreneur, I have an amazing business opportunity for you. Be your own boss, enjoy a flexible schedule, boost your income, surround yourself with other incredible people, and stand behind a product you believe in. Take back control and learn to live more abundantly. Contact me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or by calling (704) 819-3054 to find out more and start surrounding yourself with the right kind of people.

Turn Negativity Around and Embrace a Brighter Outlook


How happy or unhappy you are depends a lot on how you see the world and the situations you find yourself in. Think about what a difference it makes in your day when things are going well and you are positive versus when things seem to be going wrong and you are in a bad mood. Believe it or not, even if you can’t control the situation, you can change how you respond and how you let it affect you.

The next time you find yourself in a slump and negativity is taking over, try some of these strategies and see what a difference they can make:

Be realistic about the situation. What is it that is making you unhappy? Is it something that you can reasonably control? Learn to recognize when you need a change. As Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you’re not willing to be honest with yourself and make the effort to change your situation, it will continue to make you unhappy. If you’re miserable at your job, maybe it’s time to start looking for a new one.

Look for the silver lining. It’s always there, even in the worst of circumstances. Make it a point when you are having a bad day to identify some positives. They don’t have to be complex. The point is to change the way you are looking at things and force yourself to see some good. Maybe it’s the fact that the sun is shining after a day of rain or you got your kids off to school without an argument.

Talk yourself up. Use positive words and phrases. It may not seem like much at first, but keep it up and it can boost your mood. When you’re tempted to say something negative, turn it around. Also, surround yourself with positive people. Their influence can be uplifting and rub off on you. It’s hard to stay unhappy when those around you are cheery and making the best of things. The company you keep can make a big difference.

Choose a positive affirmation. Select a quote or phrase that is meaningful to you and repeat it to yourself each morning and throughout the day when you’re feeling stressed. Starting off with a smile and a motivating quote can change how you face the day. It can help you to clear and calm your mind and respond to a situation rather than reacting.

Find what makes you happy – and unhappy. Knowing yourself and how different circumstances affect you can help you to choose a more positive outlook. As much as possible, avoid putting yourself in situations that you know will have a negative influence. Make time to do things you enjoy to unwind and enhance your mental health. This can help you to approach challenging situations in a better frame of mind.

You are in control of how you let things affect you. Turn your life around by embracing a brighter outlook and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Whether you’re looking for a new job opportunity, a way to boost your health, or help finding a daily affirmation, I am here to help. Email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054 for more information and get started transforming yourself today.

Thought-Provoking Questions to make you Rethink your Health

rethink-wl-planThe human body is an amazing thing. It brings us life and keeps us going day after day, even after all of the stress and rigor that we put it through. Sometimes the body heals itself without us even realizing it. But other times we are made aware that something is not right. In an ideal world, we would not suffer from illness, infection, or injury, but in reality, we do.

Have you ever wondered why you get sick, or do you just take it in stride, assuming that it’s part of life? When winter comes, you get a cold, the flu, bronchitis, or strep throat and think it’s part of the season. If you develop diabetes, migraines, or cancer, it’s something out of your control. But there are reasons behind all of these conditions. I challenge you to start questioning your health this year and taking a closer look at your choices and lifestyle.

Listening to your Body

Take the time to listen to your body and hear what it is saying. Our bodies are designed to ward off sickness and heal from the inside out. Then why are you getting sick year after year? Maybe it’s because you’re not fueling your body with the right foods or getting the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Perhaps you’re not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep. If you’re constantly pushing your body and living in a state of high stress, you’re taking away from your ability to be as healthy as you could be.

Aches, pains, illness, and infection are your body’s sign that there is something wrong. Pills are just a temporary solution and often overlook the underlying issue. They may fight the bacteria, virus, or inflammation, but it can come back if you don’t start making other changes. I’m not saying that you should never take medication, but there are often other solutions as well.

Making Changes

Our lifestyles have a lot to do with how we feel. Physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mental health are major factors in how our body functions. Stop and consider how you are treating your body and how it responds.

  • Strive to create a diet that is rich with fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein rather than processed foods. Cut back on sugar and starches and consider supplements if you know your diet is lacking.
  • Get moving. Your body is not made to stay sedentary. Engage in activities that get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and muscles stretching. This can help to ward off illness as well as injury because it stimulates your body to release toxins and enhances circulation.
  • Reduce stress to help yourself feel calmer and ease tension. Spend time with family and friends doing things you enjoy. Meditate and do yoga to clear your mind and regain focus and energy.

The more you focus on making conscious changes to boost your health, the better you will begin to feel. Support your body in healing itself and making you as strong and healthy as you can be. Start with small changes and work your way up. Take things one day at a time.

If you’re looking for support and motivation, email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054 to find out how I can help. With nutrition and exercise coaching as well as a multitude of Isagenix® products to help you release fat, increase energy, boost immunity, and enhance your overall wellbeing, I can help you to start the year off right and become a better version of yourself.