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Hope is what keeps you going by pulling your dreams within reach. Many people are close to giving up hope and never achieving their health, wellness, and financial goals. But what if you could lose weight, get stronger, and start a career that you love?

My dream is to fulfill your dreams by inspiring you to improve your health through better nutrition and enhance your finances by starting a home-based business, allowing for fun challenges and residual income.

How would you like to change your life while assisting those around you? If you are serious and ready to commit, I will use my expertise as a professional health and wellness coach, along with my experience as a personal trainer, to help you reach for your goals. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

Every journey begins with a single step. Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to change your life forever?

I am here for you! Together, we will!

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Tips to staying healthy.

Take 30 Days to Build a Better You


While summer may be winding down, fall is ramping up. The kids are back in school and the holidays are just around the corner. Trade in your bathing suit for skinny jeans and laying by the pool for power walking through the park. If you have been looking for the right time to make a change in your life and have fun doing it, the time is now. On September 29, the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge begins.

Challenge Yourself

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, tone your muscles, gain more energy, or simply look and feel better, what are you waiting for? Not only can you start making positive changes in your lifestyle, you can win cash while doing it. We all have the best of intentions and say that we will start once we finish this or after that happens, but when do you really get around to it? Challenge yourself to make September 29 the day you turn it all around.

Change your Habits

If you’ve had trouble sticking to programs in the past, I am here to help. Throughout the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge, you will receive free coaching to help you overcome obstacles, maintain motivation, and learn how to incorporate better dietary choice and exercise into your daily routine. I want to see you succeed and maximize your health and wellbeing so that you can realize what a positive impact it has on your life.

With the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, you are provided with a variety of meal replacement and natural health products by Isagenix. This system can support you in making healthier meal choices, curbing cravings, cleansing your system, and boosting your energy. Previous participants have found that this is a great way to jumpstart their health and improve the way they approach eating and exercise.

Boost your energy

What you eat can impact how you feel. The 30-Day System is entirely organic and gluten-free, meaning you are not putting unnecessary chemicals into your body, or filling up on processed foods. By replacing two meals a day and making healthy choices for the third meal, you can release fat naturally and help your body to feel more energized. It is amazing how increasing your physical activity and paying attention to the foods you are eating can impact your health. I will help you to align your choices with your weight loss goals so you start seeing results.

Feel better about yourself

As you start to notice your clothes getting looser, your muscles getting stronger, and your energy increasing, it can give you a new perspective on life. You will build confidence and self- esteem knowing that you can succeed in maximizing your health and looking and feeling your best.

Win cash prizes as you change your life

Not only are you improving your health and shedding pounds as you participate in the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge, you are also eligible to win fantastic cash prizes. Your hard work and determination can pay off in more ways than one. The top three finalists with the highest percentage of weight loss can win up to $700 in cash. Who wouldn’t like some extra money to put toward bills, the holidays, or pampering themselves, simply by getting in better shape?

If you are ready to change your life and get in shape, I urge you to participate in the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge. See for yourself what a difference 30 days can make in your health. I will be there to coach you along every step of the way and help you to make the most of your decision to jumpstart your health.

To sign up for the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge and learn more about the Isagenix product line, please contact me at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com. The challenge starts September 29, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Wanted: Motivated Young People Looking for an Opportunity of a Lifetime


Do you think you have what it takes to work in a motivated environment that allows and inspires your financial goals and life dreams? Young people are often on the lookout for that golden opportunity, that chance they have at working alongside likeminded professionals. That’s where I come in, a self-starter who rebuilt her life by following a few basic principles:

Forward unto success. Create fulfillment in life. Gain financial freedom. Have the time and freedom to live the life you choose. Be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

I’ve worked with countless young professionals and up-and-coming, career-minded entrepreneurs throughout my life. I’ve done my time as a business owner, too, and held down jobs and grinded out paychecks with the rest of you. The difference is that I now love doing what I do — Helping others create the life of their dreams.

Do what you love, find what you’re passionate about and you will find your purpose. For me, doing what I love is enabling young, excited entrepreneurs by providing them with opportunities. I help clients find fulfillment and become healthier, happier people.

My lifelong goal is to succeed with inspired people looking for career fulfillment. It took me years to find this opportunity. Now that I’ve taken it, I wouldn’t trade what I do for the world.

Professionally speaking, there are three reasons why my career path is one I want to share with others:

  • Finance: Your financial stability is paramount to your wellbeing, self-esteem and social happiness. With me, you can find new ways to unlock your entrepreneurial spirit to make more money than ever without selling yourself out to a suit-and-tie desk job you don’t want to wake up for every morning.
  • Networking: How you interact and fit into the grand scope of society is essential for accomplishing your goals and becoming who you want to be. Networks, as you already know, grow exponentially with each new member. This is just one reason I’m seeking eager, financially-motivated young professionals to combine their talents.
  • Health: Mental and physical health – that is what matters in our lives. With a career you are passionate about, you are closer than ever to a life you want to live and share with others.

How A New Career Improves Your Life

Career stability and financial prosperity — what more can we ask for? I began this new career to reach these goals and want to help others do the same. Here’s what I need from you:

A career-minded, independent self-starter with a strong desire to help other succeed.

Are you someone who fits this description? I know — even if you are, it may be frightening to rebuild your life by making a simple career swap. Or you can join this opportunity and work on a part time basis. The differences are the in the results, the life benefits my colleagues and myself bring to our customers and anyone looking for an opportunity to transform their health or wealth.

Besides, the only obstacle that stops you from reaching your goals is your inability to dare yourself to try.

So ask yourself this: Are you prepared to impress yourself every day by leading your own success, making more money and living a healthier, happier and more abundant life?

If you are, email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054 today!

Benefits of Reiki in Business


This summer I have been working on an exciting project, learning the profound effects of reiki—a spiritual healing and meditative practice that has quickly increased in popularity in the West from its Eastern origins. Through my studies I have become a certified reiki practitioner and have already begun to explore the many benefits this practice can have on people from all walks of life—especially professionals who are seeking a stronger direction toward goals or greater clarity in purpose.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very unique type of therapy that attends to both the physical and the mind; making it an incredibly revitalizing experience for anyone who undergoes it. While the complexities of reiki work in many different ways, the simplest way to explain the practice is a spiritual and physical therapy that heals through one’s chi; an internal energy flow that is directed through touch by the reiki practitioner. Many people claim to have experienced improved health and wellness from regular reiki session, including stress relief, blood oxygenation, pain relief and improved energy.

How Energy Can Help Professionals

While reiki carries a “New Age” connotation, I have discovered that this Eastern practice is one that can truly improve the well-being of any individual. From mothers to moguls, reiki can be an exceptional way to explore a totally natural and organic path to healing. For business leaders and entrepreneurs in particular, I believe reiki can assist in the following ways and more:

  • Helps You Enjoy Your Work and Life

For many professionals, there is constant stress to get things done at work, while also fulfilling familial or home-life duties. These kinds of patterns can lead to health-debilitating stress that may lead to poor mood, lower energy and overall lack of interest in one’s work. Since reiki is known to improve stress, business professionals can explore this practice as a way to relieve work-related tension and take each day with confidence and stride.

  • Helps Improve Health

The stress-relief component of reiki is certainly great for improving mental health, but this benefit can also assist in physical health. Individuals who report lowered stress and routine stress management will often face less sickness throughout the year, as reiki can help improve immune system functions. For business professionals, this benefit can mean tackling each day well-rested with a healthy outlook.

  • Improved Cognition

A recent UCLA study reveals many of the researched benefits of reiki, including improved cognition—particular among older individuals. Given that reiki can help improve mood, clarity and mind, business-oriented people can rely on this practice to enhance their mental acuity while on the job. This could translate to better productivity, heightened awareness and memory on the job.

Ask Me About Improving Your Business Life Through Coaching Or Reiki

As an entrepreneur and physical health professional, I know that a body’s wellness will either positively or negatively affect one’s work performance. As a certified reiki practitioner, I will soon be offering my services to clients in the Lake Wylie, SC area who are interested in this unique healing practice for personal or professional benefits—or both.

In addition, I am happy to help you on your journey to find a fulfilling business path or seek greater freedom in your career. If these opportunities pique your interest, please feel free to contact me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or (704) 819-3054.

Three Reasons Why You Owe it to Yourself to Take on a New Career Challenge


With a history in serving clients as both a personal and fitness coach, I have found that burnout is among one of the most common problems we face in life. Whether one has hit a plateau in his or her weight loss plan or has become exhausted with a career, it can be depressing to live with these challenges day in and day out. Fortunately, I have found that there is an easy way to break away from these roadblocks—you simply have to adopt a new perspective.

When it comes to experiencing frustration, disappointment or boredom in a career, chances are you are not on the right professional path; you should do what makes you happy, not just something that provides you with a paycheck to survive. As such, I would like to encourage everyone who is dissatisfied with their career to consider why they deserve making a change in where their professional development is headed. Here are three top reasons why:

  • You Deserve to Indulge Your Passions

If you are bored in your career, it is not because you are unskilled or apathetic about being a professional; you may just need to find a job that excites you. If you want to make a change in your career, think about the aspects of life that excite you the most. For instance, if you enjoy health and wellness, you may find that a career in nutrition or fitness is the right area for you. If you are a natural-born leader who likes to bring about positive change in other people’s lives, than you may benefit from looking for a job opportunity that involves management, interpersonal communication or creative input.

  • You Deserve Financial Freedom

Like I mentioned above, the need to receive a regular paycheck keeps many of us locked in jobs that we would not choose if there was no need for regular income. While it is unlikely that financial needs will disappear, making a career change can help you get on a path toward greater financial independence. Consider the skills you have and the skills you are not using and start looking at career opportunities that may pay you more to put them to use.

Breaking away from a job can be a scary experience, but if you have confidence and dedicate yourself toward a new financial goal, you will find motivation to push forward in your professional development. As you stay focused on new career goals and increase your earning potential, you may find that greater paychecks and financial stability arrive more quickly than you anticipated!

  • You Deserve to Be Happy

It seems that achieving a work-life balance is something that many people I know struggle with; some even think that such stability is a myth. It is true that our work lives have increasingly become a part of our personal lives, making it hard to define the line between them. As a result, individuals who are unhappy in their jobs are likely to be less happy at home and in their relationships. By making a career change and searching for new opportunities, you invest in improving your profession and your income. However, you also invest in your personal relationships and becoming the person you truly are.

Start a New Career Path with Me

If you believe you deserve all those things I just mentioned, you may be thinking, “Rachel, that sounds great, but there are no real opportunities out there to improve my career!” I hear this a lot, and I have found an excellent solution to help many professionals take on a new direction in how they live and work.

By joining my growing Isagenix team you will have the ability to earn extra income—possibly enough to break away from your full-time job and even gain greater financial independence. Those who work with me have found that they truly enjoy representing solutions that are aimed at improving the lives of others and advocate healthy living. As a result, my team members have said goodbye to financial pressure, stress and time constraints in their daily life to take part in a life-changing opportunity to build health and wealth.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity and how I can help you secure a path toward greater career independence, contact me today at rachel@wellnessridge.com or 704-819-3054.

Ways to Gain with the Summer 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

Summer has only just begun, and I’m excited to get in the spirit of the season with another 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge. This popular initiative has helped many of my clients get on their way to achieving—or surpassing­—their weight loss goals, and now is your chance to get in on the action to get in shape, win cash prizes and develop a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. The challenge begins July 14—so get ready!

If you have been looking for motivation to start pursuing improved health and nutrition, here are a few ways this 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge can reset your intention:

  • Size Down for Swimsuit Season

Though 30 days may seem like a long time to adhere to a new routine, with focus the month will fly by. Since this challenge begins July 14, you can see dramatic improvements in your appearance by mid-August—a perfect time to rock a new and improved summer body!

  • Motivate Yourself to Get Outdoors

While the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is aided by meal replacement and other natural health products by Isagenix, it is also amplified by my coaching to help you reach further to attain your goal. Many of my previous participants have not only embraced new dietary habits, but have pursued exciting ways to enjoy fitness. With summer making the outdoors a welcoming environment for recreational activities, the options to lose weight in the sun—such as swimming, hiking or outdoor yoga—are endless!

  • Develop a Greater Balance in Life

Since eating is something that we have to do every day, we forget that the dietary choices we make are just that—choices. The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge follows a unique system to help participants pay more attention to what they are choosing for meals and learn what dietary choices are healthy. By following the structure provided by the challenge, many can discover how easy it is to plan healthy meals and fitness routines and still find time to enjoy every other part of life. Better yet, many of those who engage in improved diet and fitness will experience reduced stress and a higher quality of life.

How This Weight Loss Challenge is Different

The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is a very unique system that is very easy to start and follow. Here are a few ways this weight loss system is much different than others you may have tried:


  • Starting is Easy and Affordable

Entering the challenge is free. You only have to purchase the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System designed by Isagenix. This system replaces two meals a day, making it easier to plan your diet and avoid hunger throughout the day. Best of all, entering the challenge means you will have the benefit of my unique coaching solutions to help you make the most of this program and follow a routine that works for your goals.

  • All-Natural Solutions

Unlike many other weight loss products on the market, the 30-Day System used in this challenge is all organic and gluten-free. If you already have dietary restrictions or are aiming to adopt a less-processed diet, this system is a perfect way to start and get ahead!

  • Meal Coaching

As mentioned above, I will provide coaching to help you along the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge. This includes helpful guidance on how to prepare your third meal of the day and make food choices that are aligned with your weight loss goals.

  • Cash Prizes

Of course, participating in the weight loss challenge provides the greatest reward there is: renewed health. However, to encourage a healthy spirit of competition, this challenge will offer cash prize rewards to those who excel and push the hardest to attain their weight loss goal.

For more information on how to sign up for the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge, as well as insight on Isagenix products, please contact me at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com. Remember, the start date is July 14, so act fast!

Youthful Summer Skin – How You Can Prevent Aging this Season

Summer is certainly a season that is associated with fun activities and healthy living, but it can also be a time when many of us reflect on body image and self-worth. As people dress down for the warm weather, we’re confronted with skimpy bikinis, smooth stomachs, bold muscles and youthful-looking tan skin. After a while, many middle-aged men and women may start to wonder: Have I lost my youth? Can I get it back? Can I stop aging?

If you’ve been worrying about aging and want to embrace greater steps to youth, the summer is the perfect time to start. Not only is this a season when you can enjoy outdoor fitness to get your body into better shape, but it’s also a time when you can relish in healthy, all-natural foods that can make for an improved diet. While these standard tips help improve the inside of our bodies, it is also important to take action to defend against aging and skin cancer through proper use of sunscreen.

Know Your Sunscreen

In the summer, many may feel pressured to amplify their tanning so that they can catch up with the other bronzed beauties on the beach. The desire to get out and enjoy the sun is great—as it is an important source of Vitamin D; not to mention that being outside is a perfect way to relax and manage stress. Still, there is such a thing as too much sun—in fact, recent reports have suggested that sunlight can produce effects in the brain that are similar to addiction.

With this in mind, balance is key, so laying out in the sun or repetitive tanning without use of proper skin protection can be extremely dangerous and is well-known to cause skin cancer and premature aging. Whenever you are out in the sun, whether you are tan or not, it is important to make sure you are wearing the proper amount of sunscreen with SPF protection. Typically, it is suggested that people wear at least 30 SPF with both UV-A and UV-B protection.

Here’s one infographic that highlights some updated sunscreen tips:


Finding the Right Skin Products to Prevent Signs of Aging

While it is essential to understand the basics of proper sunscreen use, many may find that products available in the store are not the right fit for them. Whether they are too greasy, too irritating, smell bad or simply do not work—there are other options out there to not only defend against the sun, but also encourage a youthful appearance. Here are a few of my suggestions:


Isa SunGuard is an amazing sunscreen that—unlike many other products on the market—is made from all-natural botanical ingredients. What is great about this product is that it is not only optimized to defend against UV-A and UV-B rays, but also utilizes dermatologically-tested elements to promote a more youthful look.

AgelessProtecting skin to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging is one thing, but treating existing lines is a whole different challenge. The Ageless Renewal Serum from Isagenix is one affordable product that can not only save many women from painful procedures to reduce wrinkles, but also develop a more youthful, natural look. This product utilizes an exceptional formula and ingredients designed to work with your body, giving your skin a chance to become firmer, more elastic and moisturized.

RejuviIf you are suffering from dry skin or flaking this summer, this Bamboo Exfoliating Polish is the best way to get a spa-like experience to rejuvenate your look at an affordable cost. Instead of turning to harsh methods to exfoliate your skin, this product is ideal for removing dead skin cells and keeping a smooth look intact.

To learn more about healthy aging solutions perfect for any time of the year, contact me directly at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com. If you are interested in helping others discover natural, healthy ways to age and restore youth, I am also available to discuss a unique career opportunity.

How Summer Travel Can Give You New Perspective in Health & Wellness

Vacation.rOn June 21, we will officially ring in a new season—summer. While summer is typically defined by its laidback and casual activities, many may find that this season can bring much unwanted stress. Whether you are sick of the heat or unsure of how to fill a daily schedule with kids fresh out of school, it is important to embrace this warm season for all its positive benefits. As a proponent of stress management—I believe that this season is particularly advantageous to the mind and body as it is a time when individuals are able travel and really enjoy themselves in a different setting.

Don’t Stress About Summer Vacation

Not every vacation can go smoothly, no matter how much you prepare the kids or lay out an itinerary. That said, the first rule of getting the most out of summer travel is to really let your hair down and enjoy every moment that is offered to you. If you keep this goal in mind, your upcoming vacations can really benefit your mental and physical health, such as by:

  • Getting Your Legs Moving

While a getaway should certainly have time for relaxing—such as on the beach or by the poolside—it is also a great opportunity for exploration. If you are traveling to a foreign location or busy city, you will find that there are many ways to see the sights on foot. Even if you do not have specific plans in place, getting out and walking with your loved ones or by yourself can stimulate every sense.

Many of us forget how essential walking is; we may become exhausted by endless commutes or try to cram fitness into a 30-minute treadmill session. However, walking and taking time to explore a new locale can provide a new perspective on how important it is to get out there and take on the unfamiliar. Apart from the mental clarity a long walk through a foreign locale can provide, the experience may even help you realize that walking is not such a chore—and may be a practice worth taking back home.

  • Indulge in Local Fare

When it comes to summer weight loss goals, many will delve into strict diets and come to lose an interest in exquisite food. However, when you are on vacation—it may not be the best thing to stick to a plain diet. Travelers who eat local cuisine and try foreign flavors will find that while they may be experiencing new foods, they are also avoiding convenient fast foods and processed goods.

The point of trying new foods that come fresh from a different area is gaining a better appreciation for healthy, natural and unprocessed foods. Those who take on the challenge of eating abroad may find that there are more healthy flavors out there than they have yet to enjoy at home.

  • Reconnect—Without Technology

Communication is what makes the human experience so unique; it is how we progress, how we share our thoughts and how we establish personal goals. While modern technology has certainly turned up the communication game, vacationing should be a time when individuals take a break from their computers, tablets and mobile devices.

If you are vacationing to visit relatives—reconnect with them and see where they are at in life; you may learn something. If you are on a family vacation, use the time to create memories with your children and spouse—it will help strengthen your support system that will last a lifetime. If you are traveling alone, you may find that engaging with locals is enlightening and a great way to get a perspective on a whole different way of life. Whatever you do on vacation, do not be afraid to talk; this communication is so important to discovering who we are as individuals and what we want to contribute to the greater global conversation.

Working with the Souvenirs You Bring Home From Vacation

Vacations may not always last forever, but the experience of getting away can leave a positive and lasting impact on all of us if we let it. I have found that in following the suggestions above and really getting to enjoy a vacation, there is immense opportunity to gain a better appreciation for myself and what I want to do with life.

Every individual should have the opportunity to travel and explore their individual freedoms, but those who feel restricted by health or their career may have a different take on this ability. If you are looking for a professional opportunity to not only gain more time to travel—but also travel with other likeminded professionals—my Isagenix team is growing every day. If you would like to learn about this exciting opportunity and how it can expand your mind and independence, please contact me today at rachel@wellnessridge.com or 704-819-3054.

Tips for Pushing through the Plateau

f837d8cd09aa67409f9ea3d42d9cf704Plateaus happen to everyone—no matter how hard one is working toward a goal. After all, what’s a “goal” if there wasn’t a challenge involved? While the obstacles preventing you from achieving a health, personal or financial goal can sometimes be overcome through strategic problem-solving, the plateau is a beast of an entirely different nature. A plateau, simply put, is when we find ourselves making progress and suddenly stop—we do not get any closer to our goal (it seems), but we are not slipping back either.

The problem with plateaus is that many people can interpret this stand-still as a point of failure; it may cause many to give up on chasing their dreams. I have found time and time again that with the proper coaching, positive thinking and stress management strategies, individuals can turn their plateau around into an uplifting situation.

Whether you are not getting that raise you’ve been working hard for or have stopped losing weight in a new fitness-diet regime—I have great news: you can push through the plateau. Here are a few tips to help you get there:

  • Have You Really Hit A Plateau?

One of the most common issues in reaching for a goal is feeling that a plateau is there but it actually isn’t. Simply put, we become used to the pace of progress that we are making.

For instance, an individual who is working toward a weight loss target may feel that while the scale isn’t shedding any numbers, that they are still burning fat; the fat is just turning into muscle. Others who are saving up money may feel that putting small deposits in their accounts is not getting them any closer to a financial objective; however, in truth, they are just getting used to the commitments they have established to achieve said goal.

Before you say you have hit a plateau or a dead end, double check with yourself and look at your progress from a different angle. You may discover that you haven’t plateaued, but have just become more comfortable in working your way toward a goal.

  • Crank It Up

In fitness for instance, you may find that increasing your level of workout difficulty is a way to feel like you are doing more. Others may find that adding more time to a workout is a great way to get over dead-end blues. If you’re working toward a financial goal, consider ways you can cut back on spending or contribute more toward your objective. If you are looking for a career change, start considering different options or put more passion into your work on a daily basis. If you notice yourself making the extra effort in any goal plan, you will feel that plateau starting to push forward.

  • Switch it Out

Weight loss plateaus can be some of the most challenging, as they usually correspond to a strategic plan that can get boring. If you have been following the same diet or same workout routine, consider ways you can spice it up and introduce something new to your plan.

Making a change to your goal plan does not have to be unhealthy; it could just mean making your progress more interesting. If you’re searching for a diverse array of diet products that can make your weight loss journey more interesting, Isagenix has a vast selection of healthy items and a great deal of tips to help you out.

  • Put Your Progress to Work

Many individuals will feel as though they have not achieved anything until they have reached the finish line. However, it is important to recognize any progress on your way to achieving a goal. For instance, if you have lost some weight on your journey to reach a target size, try rocking a new bathing suit or outfit that will accentuate your progress. Not only will this help you visualize your achievement, but also help keep you motivated to achieve more.

Another way to put your progress to work is to pass it on. Finding ways to support others who are also striving for similar goals can also help break up plateaus. Reaching out and offering advice are great ways to not only help others meet their objectives, but also reveal to yourself that you know what you are doing—and doing it well.

Getting Outside Help to Take Your Goal Plan to the Next Level

If you are searching for new inspiration to push through a particular plateau, I can help!

Those who are unhappy with a current weight loss regimen can discover new motivation through the highly successful Isagenix line of products. I can help you find the right selection of items to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals comfortably and in a healthy fashion.

If you are facing a different plateau—that of career—I am also extending an opportunity for those ready to advance their professional independence. Joining my growing team of successful Isagenix partners can help provide you with the resources, support and profession that can help you increase your income, represent a solid line of healthy products and make time for the things you love.

To get started with either of these solutions to break through your personal plateau, please contact me at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com.

Why Your Work May Be Hurting Your Health and How to Fix It

85998I’m quite familiar with the “daily grind” and the many negatives it can bring into life—it is part of the reason why I decided to build a career around the things I love to do, such as helping others achieve goals. If you are in a similar position and feel that your work situation is not the most positive, you shouldn’t have to accept that all work is a bad thing.

Our professional lives can be inspiring and inspire others—and even be incredibly enjoyable. However, to get to that point, it is essential to look at some of the factors that may be making a daily job unsatisfying.


Stress is something that is hard to escape—but you do not have to settle for it, especially at work. Whether you are finding yourself having to meet tight deadlines, achieve lofty quotas or are simply put through the ringer by your superiors—stressful elements of work are bound to come up. Stress is extremely bad for our health, especially when it is internalized; it is known to cause headaches, hypertension and even contribute to weight gain. While on-the-job stress is natural for most professionals, if you are experiencing anxiety in the office every day, then it may be worth examining the things that cause you stress and how you can resolve them.

Have a talk with your supervisor or your colleagues about the struggles you’re having. If you work in a supportive atmosphere, having open discussions about job pressures can be a great way to relieve the stress. If solutions to stress are not readily available at the office, it is worth pursuing other methods of stress management that can be employed throughout the day. Simply getting out for a walk, practicing yoga or meditating are all great ways to relieve stress. Changing diet—such as by starting the day off with an all-natural breakfast—can also keep stress at bay.

Long Hours

We are all familiar with the “9 to 5” lifestyle, but in the modern age many professionals are finding it hard to detach from work. Individuals who are trying to impress their bosses or take on extra responsibilities may be working extremely long hours that expand into the evening or weekends.

Although the American professional has become extremely adept at squeezing more work hours out of the day, the health consequences may not be worth this extra effort. Working long hours may cause individuals to lose sleep. Lack of proper sleep can harm the body’s immune system and make it difficult for us to restore health on a regular basis. Insufficient sleep on a long-term basis can create serious problems in daily attentiveness and performance. Harvard has even noted that lack of sleep can lead to severe driving accidents—equivalent to drunk driving.

Even if you are able to set aside enough time to sleep properly, it is important to establish a routine that allows for quality sleep. For instance, individuals who lie awake in bed worried about work aren’t really doing anything to improve their mental and physical health.

Disruptive Work-Life Balance

Similar to the trends noted above, work can creep into our personal lives—especially as we become more attached to mobile devices and are unable to break communication with our offices. Without a proper work-life balance, professionals miss out on the opportunity to truly relax after a day of hard work; this can make it difficult for individuals to focus on important relationships and health practices. For instance, individuals who spend more time at work may not foster great relationships with their spouses or children; some may also miss out on the opportunity to exercise on a regular basis.

Opting For Convenient Food

Food is the human source of power; there is no way of getting around that. However, many busy professionals may find that instead of taking time to eat healthy, fresh meals, it is much easier to opt for convenient fast food or processed meals. Individuals who work in offices that cater meals—think workplace pizza parties—may also find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet. There are numerous consequences to indulging in convenient foods on a regular basis, including poor mental health and weight gain.

Fortunately, there are many ways that busy professionals can make small changes to their dietary practices and meal planning to ensure that they eat healthy on a regular basis. While these changes may be hard to make at first, the effort will pay off in the long run, and potentially give you more energy to tackle work with confidence.

Getting Your Health and Independence Back

All of the issues mentioned above can be remedied through constructive lifestyle changes, if you are willing to make them. However, when a job is considered unhealthy on every level—some professionals may feel that they simply have no control over their lifestyle, their health and their financial independence.

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