Hope is what keeps you going by pulling your dreams within reach. Many people are close to giving up hope and never achieving their health, wellness, and financial goals. But what if you could lose weight, get stronger, and start a career that you love?

My dream is to fulfill your dreams by inspiring you to improve your health through better nutrition and enhance your finances by starting a home-based business, allowing for fun challenges and residual income.

How would you like to change your life while assisting those around you? If you are serious and ready to commit, I will use my expertise as a professional health and wellness coach, along with my experience as a personal trainer, to help you reach for your goals. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

Every journey begins with a single step. Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to change your life forever?

I am here for you! Together, we will!

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Tips to staying healthy.

Thought-Provoking Questions to make you Rethink your Health

rethink-wl-planThe human body is an amazing thing. It brings us life and keeps us going day after day, even after all of the stress and rigor that we put it through. Sometimes the body heals itself without us even realizing it. But other times we are made aware that something is not right. In an ideal world, we would not suffer from illness, infection, or injury, but in reality, we do.

Have you ever wondered why you get sick, or do you just take it in stride, assuming that it’s part of life? When winter comes, you get a cold, the flu, bronchitis, or strep throat and think it’s part of the season. If you develop diabetes, migraines, or cancer, it’s something out of your control. But there are reasons behind all of these conditions. I challenge you to start questioning your health this year and taking a closer look at your choices and lifestyle.

Listening to your Body

Take the time to listen to your body and hear what it is saying. Our bodies are designed to ward off sickness and heal from the inside out. Then why are you getting sick year after year? Maybe it’s because you’re not fueling your body with the right foods or getting the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Perhaps you’re not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep. If you’re constantly pushing your body and living in a state of high stress, you’re taking away from your ability to be as healthy as you could be.

Aches, pains, illness, and infection are your body’s sign that there is something wrong. Pills are just a temporary solution and often overlook the underlying issue. They may fight the bacteria, virus, or inflammation, but it can come back if you don’t start making other changes. I’m not saying that you should never take medication, but there are often other solutions as well.

Making Changes

Our lifestyles have a lot to do with how we feel. Physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mental health are major factors in how our body functions. Stop and consider how you are treating your body and how it responds.

  • Strive to create a diet that is rich with fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein rather than processed foods. Cut back on sugar and starches and consider supplements if you know your diet is lacking.
  • Get moving. Your body is not made to stay sedentary. Engage in activities that get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and muscles stretching. This can help to ward off illness as well as injury because it stimulates your body to release toxins and enhances circulation.
  • Reduce stress to help yourself feel calmer and ease tension. Spend time with family and friends doing things you enjoy. Meditate and do yoga to clear your mind and regain focus and energy.

The more you focus on making conscious changes to boost your health, the better you will begin to feel. Support your body in healing itself and making you as strong and healthy as you can be. Start with small changes and work your way up. Take things one day at a time.

If you’re looking for support and motivation, email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054 to find out how I can help. With nutrition and exercise coaching as well as a multitude of Isagenix® products to help you release fat, increase energy, boost immunity, and enhance your overall wellbeing, I can help you to start the year off right and become a better version of yourself.

Feeling Sluggish? Increase your Energy!

young woman awaking up early in the morningIf you find yourself dragging at certain times of the day – or maybe even all day – it may be time to incorporate some changes into your routine to enhance your energy. When you feel fatigued, it can affect your concentration and productivity. You may also find that you get frustrated more quickly. Many people turn to caffeine or sugar as a pick-me-up, but this can actually backfire. Once the effects wear off it can leave you feeling worse and lead to spikes and dips in your blood sugar.

For more effective ways of feeling reinvigorated, consider some of the following:

Eat a nutritious breakfast – It can be tempting to skip out on breakfast when you’re in a hurry, but this can rob your body of much needed energy. After resting all night, your body needs fuel to push through the day. Start your morning off right with a nutritious and filling breakfast that contains protein and an assortment of vitamins and nutrients. Or you could have a nutritionally complete IsaLean® Shake as a meal replacement. These options will give your body a kick start and help you feel more energized. Continue to fuel your body throughout the day with healthy protein incorporated into snacks and meals.

Get moving – When you feel yourself start to lose your zip, take a break and get up and move around. A brisk walk gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Getting some fresh air can help to awaken your senses as well. Some people find that a morning workout is beneficial for boosting energy and helping them to feel more motivated.

Meditate – Although this sounds counterproductive, it can have a very positive effect. Sitting to meditate for a few minutes can clear your mind, refocus your energy, and help you power through your day. With all of the stimulation you are exposed to on a regular basis, finding peace and serenity can be just what you need to re-energize.

Enhance your diet – Rather than reaching for another cup of coffee or a sugary snack, integrate more natural and healthy alternatives into your diet. Want More Energy?® is a delicious drink powder that infuses your water with powerful vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes that it needs for energy. This is especially beneficial after working out or when you’re feeling stressed. Ionix® Supreme is another refreshing beverage that alleviates stress and fatigue to keep you feeling stronger and healthier. And when you’re working out, the e+ energy shot gives you a boost of energy to power through your workout and support performance.

Cut out excess caffeine and sugar – These only serve as a temporary energy-booster and the effects will soon wear off. Also, a sudden increase in sugar can cause your blood sugar to spike and then later fall once it wears off leaving you feeling more fatigued than before. It is healthier to maintain a more stable blood sugar and fill your body with whole grains, lean proteins, and an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep it fueled and feeling strong.

Treat your body right by taking steps to increase your energy more naturally and reduce fatigue. To find out more about how Isagenix can help or for support in setting up your own exercise routine and healthy eating plan, email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054. Make the most of each day and look and feel your best.

Creating a Clear and Lasting Vision for 2015

New Year's ResolutionsThe New Year is a time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. While many people start off with good intentions, they slowly lose their drive and focus as time moves on. What started out as going to the gym four days a week and packing healthy lunches eventually becomes an occasional gym trip and trying to plan ahead with meals. Starting work early to get ahead becomes arriving just on time. Creating a clear vision for what you want to achieve and setting up supports to keep you motivated and on track can make a beneficial difference in your progress and success.

If you want to get started on the right foot and boost your drive, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Create vision boards

Find inspiring pictures and quotes that remind you of what you’re working toward. Make a different board for each goal you set and place them where you’ll be able to see them. When you feel your energy lagging, take some time to reflect on your board and reinvigorate your push to succeed.

  • Incorporate daily affirmations

Create a few daily affirmations that really resonate with you and speak to what motivates you. Post them throughout your home or office and read them frequently. Reminding yourself of these positive thoughts can boost your mood and build your confidence. It can be a great pick-me-up, especially when you’re busy and may lose focus.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Accountability is a big part of staying on track with your goals. Partner up with others who share similar visions. Together you can inspire one another, discuss tips and strategies for continuing your progress, and hold one another accountable. When someone is counting on you and you on them, it can keep you motivated and less likely to let yourself slack off.

  • Find a program that works for you

Whether you want to advance your education or lose weight, it’s important to find a program that works for you and where you have some buy-in. If you have trouble getting excited and following through from the start, it will be more difficult to keep up later on. Embracing a program that you believe in and stand behind can make achieving your goals easier and something you are eager to stay on top of.

Isagenix® can be a great way to improve your health, release fat, and increase your energy. The program is simple to follow, incorporates nutritionally-balanced and natural products, and can help you build healthier you in the New Year. In addition, I offer nutrition and exercise consulting to support you in meeting your goals and staying on track. You will see and feel the difference it makes in your body and overall health.

Stay focused and push yourself to achieve more this year by immersing yourself in a positive and motivating environment. Set realistic goals and be inspired daily as you progress. Personal, professional, and health goals are not out of your reach with a little strategic planning. To find out more about how I can help you achieve your health goals this year with Isagenix, call me at (704) 819-3054 or email rachel@wellnessridge.com.

4 Ways to Boost your Immune System for Better Health

intro-119170454-healthy-life-freeway-exit-signWinter is upon us and this is typically the season when many people develop colds, the flu, or other illnesses. While your body has natural defenses to ward off these germs and viruses, there are many things that can leave them weaker. Some common causes of sickness include unbalanced hormones, chemicals from foods, lack of sleep, household toxins, poor nutrition, and radiation from electronics. At the same time, there are some simple ways that you can work to boost your immune system and help your body to fight off illness and stay healthier.

Ramp up your Diet

The foods we eat play a significant role in our health. It is important to ensure that you are eating well-balanced meals that incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. This will help to provide necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients more naturally and reduce risk of deficiency. Certain foods can be very beneficial, such as those that are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals that can contribute to illness.

Drinking two ounces of Cleanse for Life each morning or before bed can safely and gently remove toxins from the cells in your body. Also, the undenatured whey protein in IsaLean shakes increase production of Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that supports immune health and the release of toxins.

Decrease Stress

Too much stress can suppress your immune system making you more susceptible to illness. Yoga, meditation, exercise, and essential oils are great ways to reduce stress and tension and clear your mind. Staying active is a great way to burn off excess energy and keep your blood flowing. Moderate exercise can actually help to boost your immune system as well as providing other health benefits. Even light stretching can be beneficial.

Placing one drop of lavender oil on the bottom of each foot at night or one drop of frankincense in the morning can calm your body and mind. In addition, Ionix Supreme can be taken in the morning or throughout the day and is beneficial for supporting the body in recovering from the effects of stress. There’s also nothing quite like curling up with a good book and a cup of green tea to feel more relaxed.

Get Adequate Sleep

While you sleep, your body has a chance to start repairing and healing. This can improve your chances of warding off illness and is good for your body. When you get too little sleep and keep pushing yourself, it increases stress responses and continues to take a toll on your immune system. Make it a point to set a sleep schedule and try to stick to it. If you have trouble falling asleep, spray one to three squirts of Sleep Spray in your mouth before bed to reset your circadian rhythm, achieve deep REM sleep, and wake up feeling more rested.

Try Supplements

There are many herbal and vitamin supplements that can help enhance your immune system. Isamune® Plus with Zinc is a simple way to naturally support your immune system. It contains zinc, Echinacea, bovine colostrum, and other immunoglobulins to help keep you healthier. C-Lyte vitamin C plus antioxidants is another great way to provide 24-hour immune support. Both are easy to stash in your bag, so even if you’re traveling, you have them on hand.

Kick your immune system up a notch with these simple strategies and enjoy the benefits of feeling better. I can also assist you in creating a daily affirmation to give thanks for your health and get you in the right frame of mind, or support you in engaging in meditation so you can feel the benefits. For more tips or to find out how to integrate other Isagenix® products into your lifestyle to enhance your health, email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054. Get started by incorporating more fruit into your holiday meal with this delicious apple-cherry pie!

Maintaining Healthy Habits While Traveling

travelingMany people use the holidays as a time to gather with family and friends. Unless they live nearby, this often requires traveling and possibly staying in a hotel. But don’t let this change of routine and surroundings throw your healthy lifestyle out the window. There are still plenty of ways that you can remain active and health conscious even while on the go.

  • Keep moving: If you have a long road trip ahead, stop for stretch breaks to reenergize yourself. Take a brisk walk around the airport while waiting for your flight. At hotels, use the stairs instead of the elevator once you’ve dropped off your luggage. There are plenty of opportunities to get in some quick exercise if you take advantage of your surroundings. Many hotels also have pools or workout centers that are free for guests to use. Wake up a little earlier and get in your exercise before your busy day gets underway.
  • Drink water: Keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Keep a case of water in the car or hotel room for easy access. Stash one in your purse for when you’re on the go. Dehydration can make you feel more sluggish, lead to headaches, give you muscle cramps, and affect your eating. Have a full glass of water before every meal to help yourself feel fuller and curb overeating.
  • Pack healthy snacks: Resist the urge to buy processed snacks high in sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, and other ingredients just because you’re on the go. Plan ahead and stock up on fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, and other healthy options. Isagenix® offers a wide range of low calorie, nutritious snacks to curb your appetite and boost your health such as Whey Thins and SlimCakes. Individually packaged, they are perfect to throw in your bag for when you’re traveling.
  • Make healthier meal choices: Just because you are being more conscious of your health does not mean that you can’t enjoy a meal out every now and then. Look over the menu for options that include fresh fruits and vegetables, are steamed or baked instead of fried, and are not laden with sauces or dressings. If you know that you are going to have a larger dinner, consider drinking an IsaLean® Shake for breakfast and/or lunch. These meal replacements are only 240 calories but are nutritionally complete. If the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, choose fresh fruit, eggs, or oatmeal instead of pastries, pancakes, bacon, or sausage.

Remember that you are still in control of what you put in your body. While your meal plan may not be perfect, there are certainly options that are healthier than others. Planning ahead can help you to better prepare for various situations and ensure you have healthy snacks or meal choices. If staying with friends or family, it can be easier to stick to a more normal routine. Find time to stay active while still enjoying your time away and the company of friends and relatives.

To find out more about how Isagenix can help you to boost your health and wellbeing, contact me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or by calling (704) 819-3054. In addition, I can guide you in making healthier meal decisions and arranging an exercise plan that works with your needs. For a delicious side dish for your next holiday gathering, consider Souffléed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary.

Fight Overindulgence and Release Fat with a 9-Day Cleanse

us-en-9-day-pak-2013-800Has the Thanksgiving holiday left you dragging? Do you feel as though you have eaten too much turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie over the past few days? Perhaps you did a pretty good job of monitoring your eating but still feel like you could use a boost. Why not complete the Isagenix™ 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat-Burning System to help you shed those excess calories and release fat to get back on track with your health?

How does the 9-Day System work?

Through a combination of Shake Days and Cleanse Days, you will not only stimulate fat burning but also detoxify your body of fat-soluble toxins. At the same time, you will be fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you feeling healthy, energetic, and full. The system provides everything you need to complete the full cleanse and you can choose your own healthy meal options to satisfy your tastes.

To help you make the most of your cleanse, I am available as a resource for any questions you may have as well as to provide motivation. I can keep you accountable for staying on track and also assist with creating healthy meals ideas and planning an effective exercise routine.

What is a Shake Day?

On Shake Days, you enjoy a combination of delicious IsaLean® Shakes and one to two balanced meals of between 400 and 600 calories. There are also a variety of Shake Day snacks to choose from to satisfy cravings between meals. The IsaLean® Shakes are nutritionally complete meal replacements that contain undenatured protein, low-glycemic carbs, and healthy fats. They keep you feeling full while burning fat and encouraging lean muscles. In addition, engaging in moderate exercise that combines aerobic and resistance training will help support the release of fat.

What is a Cleanse Day?

During Cleanse Days, you drink a specially formulated Cleanse for Life® drink along with plenty of water and eat Isagenix Snacks!™ and IsaDelight Plus chocolates. Cleanse Days help to detoxify your body and burn fat while giving your body a break from intense digestion. Cleanse for Life contains B vitamins to help replenish the body and support metabolism and natural energy. As your body releases fat, oxidative stress and inflammation are reduced, contributing to healthier aging.

See your Results

Throughout the 9-Day Cleanse, you will also be tracking your progress through daily measuring. Because you are releasing fat and building lean muscle, weighing yourself is not always an effective gauge of progress because muscle weighs more than fat. Measuring various areas show you that fat is being released and you can often feel the difference in your body even if it is not as visible at first.

If you’re ready to give your health a boost and recover from poor eating choices over the holidays, I encourage you to give the 9-Day Cleanse a try. See for yourself how much better you will feel after detoxing your system while still providing your body with the complete and balanced nutrition that it needs. For more information or to get started, email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054. And as you plan for upcoming holiday festivities, consider sprucing up your green bean salad with onions and tomatoes for a delicious side dish.

5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

holidaystressWith the holidays also comes the rush to get things done. Did you get all of the ingredients for dinner? Is your shopping finished? Can you rearrange your schedule to make it to your children’s activities or to social gatherings? Are you going to the meet the deadlines for projects at work? The list goes on and on.

While some stress can provide motivation to keep pushing ahead, too much stress can take a negative toll on your health. Finding ways to cope with stressors and increase relaxation can boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Here are a few tips to get started and help you discover what works best for you:

1. Plan and Prioritize

If your to-do list is a mile long, start getting organized. Decide what needs to be done immediately, what can wait, and what can be delegated to others. Don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks that others can help out with if only you’d ask. Checking things off of your list can help you to feel more accomplished and less stressed. Try to stay organized and plan ahead so that you are not waiting until the last minute and rushing around.

2. Engage in Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation can be an effective way of refocusing yourself and clearing your mind. It only takes a few minutes a day and can start working immediately. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and recite a positive mantra while letting troubling thoughts and stress roll away. Combine this with deep breathing that forces you to slow down and focus. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, feeling your lungs expand. This can be a great way of releasing tension and lowering blood pressure.

3. Exercise

Whether you enjoy running, walking, biking, tennis, yoga, or any variety of other activities, get moving. Physical exertion can help you to burn off excess energy and frustration and reduce muscle tension. Exercise naturally boosts serotonin which can enhance your mood. It also gives you a chance to put your focus on something else and distract your mind for a while.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet

Filling up on processed foods that are filled with starch, sugar, and fats can leave your body feeling worse. Focus on eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to give your body the healthy fuel it needs. Ionix® Supreme can be a great pick-me-up to combat stress and fatigue. Filled with natural vitamins and minerals, it gives the body more energy, neutralizes free radicals, and supports improved focus and clarity. It can help you to build your endurance and overall performance, leaving you feeling better.

5. Do Something You Enjoy

Take a break just for you. Dance to your favorite music, read a new book, focus on a hobby, or just spend time with friends. Everyone responds differently to stress, so find what works for you to make you feel calmer, more relaxed, and more joyful. Build time for yourself into your day and make yourself a priority this holiday season.

As you make a conscious effort to reduce your stress, you may find the holidays to be more enjoyable and less chaotic. Be realistic with your expectations and don’t overextend yourself. You deserve to be healthy and happy. To find out more about how Isagenix® products can help you to maintain better health by reducing stress, releasing fat, and combating the effects of aging email me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054. To help you get started, here’s a healthy holiday recipe for homemade cranberry sauce.

Building Your Business Network and Increasing Brand Awareness

Building SuccessBefore you can succeed in business and build your customer base, people need to know who you are and what you offer. This involves not only maximizing existing connections but also pursing new ones. The first step is to know your product or service and the demographic that you are targeting. Your efforts will be better spent focusing on a market where you know you have some pull and can make an impact.

Starting your own business, it can be challenging to get the ball rolling and figure how to continue growing your reach and attracting new customers. Here are some helpful ways to enhance your networking efforts:

Start with family and friends. Talk to those closest to you about your business and what you have to offer. Get them hooked so that they can then share with their friends and colleagues. Their firsthand experience can make them more credible resources. As word spreads, you can gather new referrals and start to build those relationships.

Participate in local events. Festivals, conferences, and other local events can be a great way to promote your business. Do a little bit of research to verify that you will be reaching the right demographic and then set up a stand. This gives you the opportunity to get your name out to the public and interact with potential customers as they walk by. Have samples, demonstrations, and information to draw in their attention and showcase your business. Consider a sign-up where people can leave their email address if you offer newsletters or promotional and educational emails.

Capitalize on social media. Social media has skyrocketed in recent years. Use this to your advantage. Set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more to extend your outreach. Update your pages with fresh content that is informational and engaging. Your page doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) all about self-promotion. While it’s okay to talk about current sales or new products occasionally, also provide blogs or article links to related content that keeps people informed. This can help to establish you as a more trusted resource.

Don’t underestimate word of mouth. Daily interactions with people can segue into potential customer relationships. Make the most of in-the-moment opportunities to discuss how your business could benefit someone. Even if they don’t take you up on an offer immediately, the next time the subject comes up, you will hopefully come to their mind. Others nearby or in the group may also be listening to what you have to say and take an interest. You never know when you’ll run across potential customers.

With some creative thinking and planning, there are a multitude of outlets that business owners can take advantage of to enhance brand awareness and build networking contacts. Know your product or service inside and out so that you can pursue different angles and appeal to a broader range of customers. A lot of sales have to do with making connections.

If you have a knack for networking or want to refine your skills and become your own boss, I have a fantastic business opportunity for you. Put your efforts and energy into a product that you are proud to stand behind and promote to others. Contact me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or (704) 819-3054 to find out more and start leading a more abundant life.

The Importance of Stress Management in Business

stress management for adults with autismStress has become fairly common place in many people’s lives. With increasingly busy schedules between work and family, important projects, and other engagements, it is bound to happen. Some stress can be good and acts a motivator, keeping us more focused and driven. Too much stress, however, can be a bad thing and take a toll on health, productivity, and overall business. When you are a business owner, it is essential to be able to keep stress in check and find a happy medium that allows you to be productive without feeling overwhelmed.

Stay Organized

Effective organization can help you to manage tasks and deadlines and keep from being overwhelmed. Create a schedule that outlines projects, time frames, meetings, and other business essentials. This can also help you to plan your day in a way that allows you to be more productive and maximize the time you spend working so you have time to focus on family and other obligations and be in the moment rather than worrying about business.

Create a system that works for you so that you are able to feel more in control. With more structure you can decrease stress and more effectively handle the unexpected because you know how it will impact other aspects of your work and can adjust things accordingly.


Meditation can be a very beneficial way of relieving stress, feeling more relaxed, and gaining focus. There are several different types of meditation depending on what you prefer and where you are. Techniques often focus on deep breathing, mindfulness, imagery, and guided movements. It can allow you to clear your mind, focus your energy, and release tension.


Exercise has a plethora of benefits. Not only is it a great way to burn off excess energy and relieve frustration and stress, it also releases endorphins which are a natural mood booster, helps to enhance the immune system, and can reduce risk of other health conditions. If you are feeling stressed, go for a walk or run, take a break for a quick workout, or participate in a class at your local gym. Regular exercise can help you to maintain a more balanced lifestyle and feel more energized and focused.

Try Supplements

A well-balanced diet can have a big impact on the way you feel and perform. It can affect your mood, memory, focus, and more; all of which are related to stress. Natural supplements can help you to feel more energized and support better health so that you can deal with stress more effectively and it has less of an impact on your overall wellbeing.

Manage Expectations

Keep your expectations realistic. Trying to achieve too much in too short of a time or without the proper planning or resources not only increases stress but can have a negative impact on business. Set goals that are challenging yet attainable. You can always readjust as you progress, and each time you reach a goal, it can give you more confidence and drive to keep going. Understand what is feasible and plan accordingly.

Knowing how to effectively deal with stress and not let it negatively impact your performance and productivity is essential in business. If your job is taking a toll on your health and not providing you with the options you need to achieve a more acceptable work-life balance, I have a wonderful business opportunity for you. You can become your own boss and have more control over your schedule and income while also improving your health and wellbeing. Manage your stress so that it becomes a motivator in your career as opposed to something that’s holding you back by contacting me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or calling (704) 819-3054 to find out how.

5 Tips for Boosting Productivity as your Own Boss

Being your own boss gives you the flexibility to set your own work schedule. But because you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder, it can be easy to slip into some bad habits that hamper your productivity. You still must hold yourself accountable to your customers and to continuing to build and grow your business. To help keep yourself on track and maximize your productivity, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Create a separate office space. Working from home, it can be tempting to do your work wherever the mood strikes you: your kitchen table, the couch, your bed, or a variety of other places. One key to staying productive is setting up a space devoted to your work. It could be an entire room or just a small section of a room. Create an environment that has everything you need to get things done. Reserve this space as your office and don’t use it for other tasks. That way when you’re there, you are focused on your business and the projects at hand.

2. Establish a schedule. It is great to have flexibility, but becoming too laid back can mean less time is devoted to your business. Set up a schedule for yourself where you know you will start and end at a certain time each day. This can be adjusted according to your obligations, but it will help you to get moving and stay on track. It can also be beneficial for creating balance between work and family. As your own boss, you have the option of working whenever you would like, but this can also lead to long hours if you have trouble disconnecting yourself. Having a schedule can make you more aware of how you are spending your time.

3. Get dressed each day. This may sound silly since you’re not going into a professional office, but it can put you in the right frame of mind to be productive. You don’t have to put on a suit and tie or a nice dress every day, but make sure you get up, shower, and change out of your pajamas. This helps to differentiate between time to relax and time to work. Also, if you have to run out to a meeting, you’re already prepared to go. Being dressed in work attire can make you feel more confident and motivated as you tackle each task on your to-do list.

4. Set goals. This goes along with establishing a schedule. Break up your work and set targets or goals for what you need to get done and when. As you meet each goal, it will boost your sense of accomplishment and keep you pushing ahead. Having deadlines can also enhance productivity because you know that time is limited, so you must plan accordingly and stay on task.

5. Take breaks. Although this may sound counterproductive, it can actually help you to be more productive. Taking short breaks throughout the day can reduce stress, boost energy, and improve concentration. If you’ve been spending a lot of time making phone calls or pouring over a project, give yourself a brain break and get up and move for a few minutes. When you come back, you’ll feel more refreshed and be able to refocus on getting things done.

Knowing how to keep yourself productive and motivated can help you to thrive as an entrepreneur. If you’re ready to take control of your schedule, set your own goals, and maximize your income potential as a result of your self-motivation, I have a great opportunity for you. Enjoy watching your business grow and thrive as your own boss and create a work environment that best suits your needs and goals. If this sounds like the career you’ve been dreaming of, contact me at rachel@wellnessridge.com or call (704) 819-3054 to find out more.